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Finding Serendipity the review

Finding Serendipity Review

Finding Serendipity is a story by Angelica Banks Tuesday McGillycuddy is the protagonist. She was born from the famous children’s writer, Serendipity Smith. Serendipity lives a double life one where the whole world perceives of her and one where only people like Tuesday know of, that she is a normal person; a mother and a wife. This is a children’s book, who I recommend for people who like stories of sweet adventure between a girl and her dog to find the girl’s ‘missing’ mother. Told from the perspective of Tuesday and her beloved dog Baxterr (with a double r), but it was also told by Serendipity and being like any mother she was worried about what happened to Tuesday when she was absent.


The story shows a sense of cause and effect, Serendipity came home late writing her book from the magical world so her daughter, Tuesday set off on an adventure to find her. With a chance of being stuck in the magical world forever if she loses her ball of string which contains her own story. The daughter of a writing prodigy, she amazes the librarian when she created her mother’s world with intricate details by using her amazing knowledge of her mother’s series. Going in the world expecting her mother would be there, only to her surprise she was at home. Her mother’s world was filled with potential dangers such as pirates and the all mighty Carsten Mothwood who was already dead when Tuesday arrived, though not all bad came to Tuesday. On her mission, she met Vivienne Small, Tuesday’s icon. On her journey, she befriends people who helped her along the way Vivienne Small, Blake Luckhurst, to just name a few. While on her quest to find her mother, Tuesday experienced highs and lows. One of the major downs for her was losing her dog and her new friend Vivienne Small, to the revived Carsten Mothwood, which her mother revived thinking it would help Tuesday only to have an ironic plot.


This book is a heart-warming story of a loving daughter trying to find her mother, the friendships developed in the story and already there (Tuesday and her dog), Tuesday’s discovering her passion for writing stories and the exciting adventures that filled the book; one of my favourite adventures was Tuesday’s and Carsten Mothwood duel in rhyming couplets.


My opinion on this book is that the book doesn’t appeal and interest me and I think it would appeal to kids under 10 having more girls reading it. Who would most likely engage with the plot more, having the kids read this could also benefit their reading skills, it would build their vocabularies. Having a book challenge them can make them strive to improve their reading skills even more. If we are talking about favourite characters in the book, I would have to say my favourite character is either Blake Luckhurst, who didn’t appear much in the story but had been a lot of help to Tuesday or Tuesday’s parent, who was concern about their daughter’s welfare. To be more specific I like Tuesday’s dad, Dennis, who helped Serendipity when she was very anxious about Tuesday being in the magical world, by hiding his worries and trying his best to be as calm as possible. This book makes me think of how much Tuesday loves her mother, Serendipity. Giving the message of the importance of family in a touching way, that Tuesday would go as far to an unfamiliar area that is filled with endless dangers to go find Serendipity.

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